Welcome to Ecclesia

Welcome to Ecclesia! Or, more accurately, welcome to the first post on Ecclesia’s blog.

I’m always challenged to come up with a concise statement about who and what we are, so let me just say this: what we are is what happens when a small group of people, dissatisfied with their church experiences but not willing to forsake the church at large, get together to pray and question what it looks like to be the ekklesia, the people of God, the visible sign and agent of the kingdom of God at this particular time, in this particular place.

We believe that Jesus’ command to love God and love your neighbor as yourself is not just an ethical imperative, but that it necessarily entails entering into a whole new way of seeing the world, a vision that can only be entered by regeneration, only by heeding the call of the one who beckons: “Follow me”.

In Exodus, God reveals the divine name to Moses. It has been translated in ways such as “I AM WHO I AM”, or “I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE”. Put them together and you have “I AM WHO I WILL BE”, a thought-provoking statement that is entirely tenable from the Hebrew text. However, theologian James McClendon suggests a different shade of meaning for the divine name. He translates it “You will only come to know me as you follow me.”

Let’s follow him together, the wild and untameable God who led Israel out of Egypt and defeated the world’s biggest empire; the homeless rabbi from Nazareth who went about everywhere healing the sick and doing good, teaching indiscriminate love and forgiveness, even of enemies, and challenging the powers and principalities with his every word and deed; the Spirit that blows through the earth like wind, beckoning us to “come, holy people.”

Come, let us follow.

~ Jason


~ by Jason Barr on August 27, 2008.

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